Thursday, August 30, 2012

School?!?!?!? Where are you?!?!?!?

Back to school can not come soon enough in this house.  On September 5th, the beautiful sight of my kid on a bright yellow bus driving away from the house will be glorious.  I love the kiddo but dude I am DONE with being "Julie the cruise director" for his entertainment.

Kiddo does not have siblings.  Well there is the dog but since my medical insurance won't cover him, I guess he doesn't count.  Don't tell him. He'll get a complex. Anyway, I don't have those instant playmates for the lad.  It really took till this 8th year where he not only wanted to see other kids but he actually could verbally express it.  It's pretty huge.

So I organize the "play date"  which is dating for moms in the burbs.   I'm not sure which one of us is the wing man but I must say he and I do make a good team.  Seriously folks, the kiddo and I are a darned good tootin' time.  It's nerve racking.   Let's face it.  He can get along with the other kid but if the moms don't click, well... And since his social skills aren't the most appropriate at times, it can get ugly, fast.  When it works it's like angels singing on a cloud passing out margaritas!  Whoohoo!

Plus this poor kid, he may not have the best verbal skills in the world but the look on his face says it all sometimes.   I know he's tired of looking at my face.  He needs his neat ordered scheduled day of school time.   Where the ringing of the bell for the next period is a comforting sound to him.   The neurotypical kids might resent every minute of the school day planned out of him but my boy LOVES it.  

This has been the summer of "and then?".  I swear he would love to have his life fully scheduled till he is 72.  Or this could just be how he plays me for another order of fries.  

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