Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Break is no break.

Hey there!  How's it going?  We survived yet another dooms day prediction of the end of the world and Christmas.  Way to go! Kind of proud of the kiddo.  It was a whirlwind of activity for a few days and he handled it better than most adults do.  Of course there was no sitting at the table to eat with everyone.  He continued his cocktail party style of dining.  A nibble here, run away, come back, repeat.  Predictably he was able to sit still long enough for dessert.  Behold the power of ice cream. 

Santa was good to the kiddo this year.  Some new DVDs of movies he's seen in the theater and liked but will now ignore for a few months until he warms up to the idea of viewing them.  Or I just shove one in the player in a fit of "oh my god I cannot watch Steve get stumped by a dog again!" And then he'll obsess on them.  I look forward to hearing some new key phrases repeated by him again and again.  Speech therapy by Disney Pixar for the win!

Our big gift to him was a desperate attempt on my part to get him something age appropriate, so we got the Wii.  (and to quote my dad, what does Wii stand for?  What is it? That's pretty funny right?)  In true fashion we still haven't set it up nor is he asking for us to do so.   Why?  Because darn it there's Mouse Trap to play with and when I say play with, I mean set up his own rules and just make the little ball go through the maze a thousand times in a row because that's what happened on some Baby Einstein video that he remembers from years ago.   So project goal for the weekend is to set up the new gaming system in hopes to teach turn taking and working on motor skills.   Also, so Mama can kick his butt in Just Dance. 

Off from school till next week.  It's Thursday now and part of me is like "oh we can make it.  That's not to long to go."  A few hiccups of no therapy this week.  Damn those therapists that actually want to spend time with their kids!  What about our needs?  Just kidding.  I'm used to it now but there is still a part of me that looks at things like Christmas break as anything BUT a break.  A kiddo that thrives on routine and a schedule written in stone isn't to keen on puttering around the house to much.   Maybe I should get him a pair of yoga pants in his size. Perhaps that would make him more relaxed like I am right now?   Maybe I can get him to fixate on doing laundry for us.  Seeing as he makes so much of it.  Can folding clothes become his new hobby?

So that's the long and short of it.  Daddy Fry is back at work.  Mama Fry is seriously earning that paycheck I don't get. :-)  If all else fails to entertain, I'll just take him out for another side of fries.


  1. Love it and totally wish my kiddo would obsess about helping with all the laundry HE dirties!!!

  2. My son loves to wrap christmas gifts..never mind how much paper or tape he uses, he loves doing it. This year he decided all gifts got labeled with an "M"..that was it, an "m". So on Christmas morning, he went to pass them out and I decided it would become a treasure hunt..if he handed you a gift, you opened one end and tried to figure out if it was yours or not..if you thought you figured out who's it was, you passed it to them, either that or you kept opening...he thought it was a hoot, everyone but grandma got into the game...grandma was TOTALLY annoyed that I hadn't made him label everything correctly... i was about ready that label GRANDMA with a new label! She just couldn't get it! He was engaged, having fun and not pouting on the couch totally overwhelmed like most Christmases of the past..we have come SO far..and yes, he will fold towels now :)

  3. Wonderful post. I can relate. We had Christmas dinner at my FIL's lady-friend's house with her son's family. Ace spent about 5 minutes at the table then decided he couldn't eat the only thing that interested him, apple sauce, because he refuses to eat with silverware that has spots on it and the only plastic spoon in the house was a faux metal looking one that had been washed too many times and was covered tarnished looking spots. Ace didn't eat but he did very very well. I bought him an 11 in 1 game set which included a chess and checker board. He got his butt handed to him by a 25 year old but thank God Ace just loved the attention and didn't seem to mind be beaten.

    We have tons of wrapping paper leftover thanks to my wonderful husband who love to have all gifts wrapped differently. (I am much too practical.) I can see Ace using this surplus to wrap every single Lego toy in his bedroom. Gosh, I'm going on a tangent now so I'll stop and work on my own blog post. You can read about us on Merry Christmas!

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  5. I was so thrilled - my son's therapists, with the exception of two, were all able to schedule to see him this week (one was a little low on personal time - I can relate - and the others are pure awesome). But as luck would have it, my boy got sick & only saw one. Fortunately, since he's sick, any change in behavior can just be chalked up to that. Next week, we can chalk horrid behavior up to the return to routine (which won't happen until Wednesday).
    I hear you on trying to get your kid to watch a video you know he'd love, but is stuck in his happy rut. I was able to throw in 2 of his new DVD's, so I could escape another run of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "Fishy Story" (which I could find in the On Demand menu with my eyes closed). And he actually enjoyed his new Clifford & Thomas videos! Score! (Trust me, even Thomas is an improvement over Mickey right now.)
    You might be able to get your kid to help with laundry - you never know. Ironically, my son actually did help my hubby with laundry today - he handed him stuff out of the hamper. Getting laundry done with him home and conscious does not usually happen without the other parent running interference.
    I love the idea the person above had about a game of having people guess which gifts are theirs - of course, this could backfire if you open something you really love...and it's not yours. My mom did that once accidentally. Awk.ward.