Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sheldon Cooper was right.

"Bitches be crazy" Do you watch The Big Bang Theory?  You should. The show is hilarious but don't let your kids watch it.  Or at least admit that you have let them watch it.   Online on any sort of mommy blogging/forum site because you will see within minutes that "Bitches do indeed be crazy"  (again Sheldon, watch it.  Trust me!)

I have watched two blogger moms get raked over the coals this week.  I'm sure you know what I'm about to talk about.  The story is always the same.   Opinion or story is shared online.  Usually in complete innocence/honesty/emotional out pour and cheap form of therapy while the kids are at school.  I think then some sort of alarm or sensor goes off in some moms.   You know the ones I speak of.   I refer to them as the "Santicmommies".  The ones that LOVE LOVE LOVE telling you how bad you are screwing up your kid.   Online Santicmommies are even more vicious than any of those passive aggressive ones you might run into at a party or the school drop off.  That computer/smartphone they are using sure gives them a big pair of brass ovaries.  Their phone case might have a cutesy picture of their kids on it but damn if they don't yield that thing like a light saber.

I get it.  We write, we should get a thick skin.  Don't read the comments you are probably saying.  Or shrug it off.  The longer I do this, the slightly better I get at that.   However they are moms just like me.  I'm not a writer.  Haven't my run on sentences and poor grammar shown that?  Even before I was blogging, I felt like a hot mess screw up every single day.  Do I need this confirmed to me in print?  Yeah not really.

But it's easy to troll.  There is no face you are saying these unkind words to.  No reaction you see.  You hit send and no immediately rebuttal is given.  It's like you sure told them and got in that last word.  HA!  Now everyone is going to see what a bad ass you are.  You're not though.  You're just a troll.  I'm pretty sure you don't use your real name or if you do, you go on sites that you know no one in real life on.  It's just a stranger so whatever damage you inflict doesn't count right? 

It does though.  The post I am proudest of has over 100 comments on it.  Most of them agree with me.  That first one that not only didn't but then decide to go for my jugular?  Yeah that stayed with me.  I'm human.  I'm seeing in black and white just how awful you think I am.   Yes disagreements happen.  Open discourse? I'm all for it.  When you completely disregard that person's emotions on a subject they feel passion for?  Then, you are my friend, an ass hat.  Since most of my posts are just me stating opinions, I expect folks to disagree.  If you are expecting me to engage in a comment war, I won't though.  I said my opinion.  See above.  I'm not typing all that shit again.  Like I got time for that?  I have laundry to fold. 

Plus Scantimommies, lets be real here.  I then start judging you and your parenting when I see you do this bullshit.  Immediately!  Sometimes I loose myself and rip ya right back online.  Stupid. I should know better but hey I"m human.  I forgive me.  I'll even forgive you.  Let's just own this.  This is horrible and we need to stop.  Unless some mommy blogger is posting how she force feeds her kids blood from newborn kittens, just scroll on bitches.  Seriously.  I am tired.  I have clothes wrinkling in the dryer.  I have a pound of ground beef I have to figure out something to do with for dinner.  (oh crap is it even defrosted yet?)

Let's just stop the madness.  Some men think "bitches be crazy".  It's for a reason!  Chill out.  Deep breaths.  Resume your awesomeness.  Order another side of fries. 


  1. Liam tells me all the time "b's be crazy mom!" He loves sheldon. Thank God he doesn't use the actual word. I don't let him watch it now, but when he was younger he did and he never forgot that line.....but yeah, sanctimommies are crazy and need to find something better to do than troll. thanks for laugh <3

  2. Sooo many "gems" in that post.. My personal favorite was "ass hat". Still laughing out loud as I type this.... :) And PS... I agree with everything you said!

  3. So true! I do also, adore the phrase "ass hat"! Gave me my giggle for the morning. sanctimommy is one I'm sure to borrow, also!

  4. Agreed daughter loves shamy ... and soft I keep batting for lenord and penny... but like you...words do leave a wound... I love your posts about your family. ...makes me happy to see im not alone in this mess called an autism family. ..because lets all face it......we have all (yes you so called 'perfect parents'too )..put the tv on to a show we all know that they will watch just to get 5 mins peace.... only thinking later...maybe not a good idea. ... (yes the tv show fir quite is a metaphor fir the ive never done anything wrong parents)... I swore I would never let my child watch yo gabba gabba.... but ohhhh how I like to pee in peace that once during the day! If that makes me a bad mummy.... sign me up for multiple body piercing's and chains!

  5. This is so so true, and a wonderful read. Hang in there. Being trolled is heart-wrenching, even though you know they're trolls. It still hurts. Sometimes it even pushes you to the brink and makes you want to quit. Don't do it. You're amazing, and the world needs more people like you to be vocal about reality, life, love, parenting, and autism (and of course, fries). <3

  6. I couldn't agree more... the looks, comments, the people who don't understand, or think they do understand your life just because they read a book about it, or listened to a celebrity story. I love being called a bad parent because my kid has meltdowns every time we grocery shop... and I let her because up until 5 months ago, she only rocked and never made a sound. Now she will scream and throw a fit... sure, it sucks and is embarrassing, but you know what? It's progress... so f**k all of those people who don't understand... they couldn't handle what we go through everyday. That's why WE are the parents and they aren't. Kudos to you.

  7. Well can come fold my laundry and I have a really good recipe for that ground beef....the baby is calling

  8. Thank you for this. You know, as I was getting reamed over there, I was up at my kids school helping with a meltdown. I came home and saw all of the comments and couldn't believe it. While I was helping out, they were reaming me a new butt-hole. Thing is though??? I know I was where I needed to be at that point in time--with my son. I only hope they can say the same.


  9. I bow down to your awesomeness.