Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We live in mortal danger!

Here I am.  Wondering what direction to take this blog in and the kiddo decides he needs to press the "test" button on the Carbon Monoxide detector for the 783rd time.  Which makes the most god awful high pitched beep that scares the piss out of the dog. (warning, I cuss like a sailor on shore leave). Ive had enough and have removed it for the time being.  If I never post again on here assume that I have been overcome by fumes and have passed out on my keyboard.

OK I probably won't but this is an excellent example of what I deal with everyday.  You've seen Groundhog Day right?  (Spoiler alert if you haven't.  The same thing happens to the guy every day till he gets it right.  Don't complain I ruined it for you.  That movie has been out for years). That is my life with the kiddo.  8 years of the same thing, day in, day out. My son has the ability to find what button to push to drive me and my poor dog over the edge.  It's his super power. Five minutes in a room.  That boy will know exactly what sound,behavior or whatchamacallit to make you loose your effing mind.  The parents of kids with autism are nodding right now. Fist bump folks!  

Once that boy obsesses, he could power a small city with his passion. 


  1. My daughter (autistic, 4) is the same way, except she is possessed by Satan and does it all while smiling at me. =/

    1. I say my son knows how to push my buttons because he spent 9 months in me installing them. LOL

  2. well, know "the boy" is not the only one. Mr. Sorca has been known to disarm smoke alarms because Mrs. Sorca is a bit of a disaster in the kitchen. OOPSY! I might need an IEP in Home Economics ;)

  3. Lol mine uses his sax as a dog torture device.

  4. ......a glass of wine makes it better.