Wednesday, May 7, 2014

God Save the Queen

When life is overwhelming, I often look to folks I admire for wisdom.  Yes, some of these folks are other parents and autism bloggers I love.  My greatest go to source has always been more royal.  I'm not talking about that old British lady with a crown that's on the pound note in England either.  I'm talking about real queens.  Drag queens.  You see a guy in a dress and a wig.  I see a woman that took what life handed to her and recreated herself while wearing fabulous shoes.  Seriously, my dream advocate at an IEP meeting would be RuPaul.

"Two tears in a bucket and fuck it" The Lady Chablis

Damnit if that is not the best mofo advice you will ever need as you wade these parenting waters.  How much time are you going to waste on the could ofs, would ofs and should ofs?  What will all this crying actually do? Not much except puff up your eyes and leave your nose all red. Not cute!  If I want my kiddo to succeed in life, I have to help make it happen.  I have a vision of a look, I got to take the materials in hand an put it together.  I got to show him how to do the same.

"I'll read ya to filth" Jujubee 

Hey I don't go looking for fights but if you come looking for one honey I will be removing my earrings and let me tell you about yourself.  Want to throw some pretentious judgement my way?  You have not seen the side eye shade I can throw.  It's really easy to hide behind a computer screen and make grand claims that you do it better.  I'm betting though most of the smack talk wouldn't happen face to face.  Take my advice, what you see online isn't always as it appears to be.  Look to the source.  If you don't even know the person, does it matter?  Do you know them? Ask yourself do you need them? If they aren't bringing anything to the table other than a loud mouth full of hate, put your purse on that chair and say you are saving it that seat.  In the words of my favorite queen Bianca Del Rio, "Bye Queen,  I'll help you pack."

"And let them eat it." Latrice Royale

Here I am.  Here's my kiddo.  This is it.  Lump it or like it.  He works very hard.  I want him to always feel proud of what he can accomplish.  He is fierce.  He is fabulous.  He did so much when more than one at the start said he wouldn't.  To the one EI therapist who told me he may never express himself or learn in a classroom, BITE ME!

"If you can't love yourself how in the Hell are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an Amen up in here?" RuPaul

Really, that speaks for itself.  He looks to me.  He will pick up on the emotions I am giving out there. How the heck can I teach him confidence if I don't show it?  I want him to love himself.  Modeling is key.  I want him to be okay with who he is and comfortable in his skin. He will always deal with anxiety.  I know that is part of him but I don't want it to consume him.  I know my anxiety will only feed his.  I have to remain calm so he can see it will be okay. 

"Unless they paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind." RuPaul

Oh you have issue that I take my kid to feeding therapy? Are you paying for it?  Didn't think so.  I shouldn't give my kiddo medication. This concerns you how?  You don't like the fact that he is NOT on a GFCF diet.  How is that your problem? You don't like the fact that I use humor in my blog and page in order to deal with the daily stress that is this life? Point your mouse and click on  This is us.  This is what we do. 

Now pardon me as I sashay way over to this plate of fries. :-) 


  1. :) drag queen wisdom and street justice, baby!

  2. Love it! Wisdom for the ages from the ageless.

  3. Squirrel friend, you KNOW I am all about it.

  4. OMG you are my soulmate! I have a son with autism too and literally all I do is quote or watch Rupaul's Drag Race. I grew up with a gay father so since I was a baby I have been around Drag Queens. I am like Michelle Visage. I am a straight woman that wants to be a drag queen. Dang they are fabulous! I think we would be BFFs. Anytime you wanna talk Drag Race let me know, My husband likes drag queens too but he gets tired of me non stop talk of everything Drag race 24/7.

  5. Omg I finally found a place I feel like I belong!!!!!! I love drag queens, fries, and my baby with autism. Thanks for some laughs.....God knows I need it sometimes!