Saturday, October 13, 2012


So the kiddo is going to be in a "Holiday Concert" this December.  Just got the note home to save the date.   Like any good worry wart mom with a kid on the spectrum, I immediately started to plan.

He has never been in a concert before.  Yes, he's done the before the school ones but parents too?  Loved ones?  Oy vey, over stim central!

Part of me thinks he will be fine.  He's my boy.   Mama Fry has done quite a number of Christmas concerts in her day.   The boy loves music and singing.  Life in this house is a walking musical sometimes.  (a musical with a score that includes Vanilla Ice and One Direction but a musical none the less)  Christmas tunes are his FAVORITE!  He has been known to sing "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" in his pool in July.   This should be right up his alley.

However, the autism mom part of me knows his limitations.   So to the war room I go to start the battle plan.  The war room being anywhere I can get five minutes with my iPhone and email his teacher and music teacher in a complete "Oh my god!!! He's going to be way overwhelmed with all that!  What do we do?? What do we do????" panic.  

Luckily the kiddo's main teacher is very used to my near constant stream of emails and she talked me off the ledge. (Yeah the kiddo is the one with anxiety?  More like Mama.)  Another email came from the kiddo's much beloved music teacher stating both reassurance and a little bewilderment to my concern.  Dude are you new to autism parents?  We don't do squat without a plan!  I can't go to Burger King with my kid without a plan. (You sit with him while I order.  You get napkins and ketchup.   I'll get the food to the table).

I suppose to just bring him on said day and sit with the rest of the parents?!?!?!  Well look at that.  They even do inclusion for us parents too. :-)


  1. Planning is everything when it comes to Autism! It can mean everything going complete and total melt down for him and ME! Cannot wait to hear how this goes!