Friday, October 5, 2012

The Princess and the Pea had Sensory Issues.

As I was wrestling with the kiddo tonight in an attempt to trim his toenails, I seemingly ran out of curse words to describe how much I hate effing sensory processing issues.  Honest to god.  I know those toes had to get done.  They were clicking on the tile when he walked barefoot in the kitchen.  Of course tonight, one had to start peeling off on it's own.  A little chip in the nail most mortals would of ignored till they got to it.  Not my kid.   All hands on deck!  His toenail was bothering him!

He wants the problem fixed but seeing as he hates getting his nails trimmed more than Eagles fan hates the Cowboys, I knew what I was in for.  I gathered my resolve, the clippers and what's left of my sanity.  

Ten minutes later and only one foot done, I said eff this and I'll do the other when you sleep.  I probably will forget as I write to blog tonight. (I did!)   I'll have this whole damn dance tomorrow with him. FUN!

Anyway, my point is, this sensory processing disorder stuff BLOWS! It is the hardest part for me to fully understand.  Like dude it's not that bad!  I pay someone to cut, file and paint my toes and I think it's a treat!  But when I think about it, everyone kind of has something that is a sensory processing issue.

Like you remember that kid's fairy tale of The Princess and the Pea.  The gal had to prove how dainty she was by sleeping on a stack of mattresses and would she be able to detect the pea that would disturb her slumber.  Now me?  If I was in a bed alone without a small child in it with his to long toe nails in my face, I could get over a mutha truckin pea under the mattress.  Seriously, what is that Princess bitching about?  Could be way worse girl! But that's her so whatever.  Eye roll.

So when I have to sit on my kid to trim these nails, I really have a parenting fail.  Cause I have screamed "Get over it!! Mommy goes to get her toes done to relax!!  What's the problem!?!?!?!"

Meanwhile, I don't like to eat ribs because they are to sticky and I don't like the stuff on my fingers.  So go ahead, eye roll at me.  We all got one.  Even you.  :=)


  1. What sometimes works for me...I have my daughter stand up, and I clip her toenails without really touching her feet. For her (she's nonverbal), I'm guessing it is my hands touching/tickling her feet. The clipping still bothers her but much less so. By the way, the Kraken FB comment had me rolling!!

  2. So true! For my 5 year old with down syndrome & sensory issues, his biggest sensory trigger is a haircut. He needs one now, but I have been putting it off for two weeks just cause of the meltdown and stress.

    I know a person that does not like beans because of the way feel in the mouth. I freak if a cat rubs on me. I love animals, but cats just freak me out. (Sorry to all you cat lovers!) You are so right....we all have hangups!

    1. I know that when cutting my sons nails, the only time I can successfully do it is at night as soon as he is sound asleep. He sleeps very sound though

  3. I like comparing the sensory processing issues with having a bad (or good) acid trip. I can (kind of) relate, thinking back to my teens and early 20's experimenting with hallucinogens. I try to keep those experiences in mind when i am completely baffled at my son's reactions to 'minor' inputs. I also only clip his nails when he is in stage 3 sleep mode (most akin to medical anesthesia) ;) "Stage 3: The sleeper is less responsive to the environment; environmental stimuli that may have distracted them in stage one, no longer produce any reactions." -wikipedia

    But his fixations can give him such joy, just like when i would trip out watching candles drip wax.. he must see so much more than what is apparent to me. I remember reaching heights of bliss, and that that could turn on a dime and become my own personal hell. My altered perception was temporary, though. I also remember feeling enlightened, and that those around me were in the dark. Now i am the one in the dark, and my son is the one tripping out on 'reality'. Must be awesome, when it doesn't SUCK.

  4. Sensory issues suck for us just as much as they suck for you! lol. Imagine living in a world where everything is Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight. Sounds overwhelm, lights make you dizzy and give you headaches. People bumping into you make you panic and you lose sight of what's around you. It's scary sometimes.

    Back to the topic on hand though? Nail clippers hurt because they pinch your nails and make a god awful noise. When you're already sensitive to everything around you, that just drives it overboard. Then afterwards your nails feel like sandpaper against your skin, they feel really weird after and it's not really pleasant at all. Try softening the nails with water first, (aka do it after bath time) and use nail scissors. They should be easier to cut then and it won't give as odd a feeling. Also try to have the little guy "practice" the clippers on you one day if you're daring enough. Let him control them and see how they feel when you're not the receiver. Giving him control like that can help reduce the anxiety around it. x3

  5. My little dude has a lot of sensory issues but his most severe involve food. He has several textures he can't eat without gagging and won't eat anything that isn't room temperature.

    I feel terrible that it drives me so nuts when I make him oatmeal and it's just slightly too watery and slightly too hot and he gags and won't eat it. I'm usually pretty good about being patient and compassionate about his sensory issues as I have several myself, but the food stuff drives me up the wall!

  6. Micah holds his hands together for like two days after I clip his nails. I can always tell when they need to be clipped again because he stops doing that. LOL On another sensory note, Micah won't eat any hot food unless it's REALLY hot! I have to be very careful to be sure he's not burning his mouth.

  7. I hate popsicle sticks.
    My son's nails are longer than mine right now - and caked with play-doh most of the time. And on those once-per-week-if-I'm-lucky naps he takes at homes, I always forget to cut them. Don't get me started on toenails. Can't cut them when he's asleep at night - he's a lighter sleeper at night than during naps & he sleeps in complete darkness at night. Tricky.
    And for the person who mentioned haircuts. I feel ya. My son's hair right now is that perfect length of shag - and will be too long at Christmas - but if it gets cut, it will be awful - because hairdressers can only do so much with a child who is screaming, doing his best to flail (while being held down by stressed out Mommy) and burying his head anywhere he can.
    Fun times.