Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I am going to ruin this as soon as I click on "publish" but I have to talk about it.  I think, just maybe, the medication switches are starting to work with the Kiddo. 

I know. You are screaming at your smartphone or laptop right now that I am jinxing it.  I know part of me is like "SHUT UP!!!  SAY NOTHING!  YOU"LL SCARE OFF THE CALM!!"  The other part of me is grateful for a chance to exhale and think "OK, so maybe this is gonna work."

As an autism mom, I feel like I am trying contain a thousand of small fires on any given day.  To think that just maybe this will help put out of few is pure joy.  Not just because I'm freaking exhausted of walking around here on eggshells.  I hated seeing my Kiddo so flipping miserable.  It was like a thousand knives stabbed in my heart daily.  It sucks!

Plus, if Kiddo ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.  I mean no one.  Not even the dogs.  We were all walking around not wanting to breath the wrong way for fear of setting this kiddo off.  It's a crappy way to live. 

Monday is when I first noticed just how pleasant he was being.  He asked quite nicely to go outside to our yard after school. I said yes and brought out snack with us.  This seemed to delight him to bits.  He ran laps around the back with one of my dogs.  Dinner was breeze.  (He actually cleaned his plate twice!) Showered and pj's without an issue.  Goofed around a bit and off to bed with a big "I love you". 

Tuesday, more of the same.  He did have speech after school and had his usual "Hit the wall, it's been a long ass day" point of stopping during the session but that's pretty much the norm for him.  It is a long ass day at that point.  But we rallied, I suspect the pizza I picked up on the way home helped and again went to bed with no problems.

Now this morning, Wednesday is our HELL DAY.  A smidge sensory seeking but so much happier than he has been on those mornings.  Tons happier! Despite waking up at 4 freaking AM.  But I sent him off to the bus skipping so maybe, just maybe it will be a good day?  

Please let it be a good day.  I just need a win.  You know what I mean?  Just a little "Wednesday, he was fine" win.  I hate how "hump day" has become the day we dread.

Oh some of you are probably thinking "Well, what's with this day? What's different?"  Yeah, we don't know.  The only possible difference is a gym teacher that is no longer at school but I call bullshit on that one.  The kid has been in early intervention/school since he was two. Do you know how many freaking teachers and therapists have gone off on maternity leave?  Seriously, he's like a fertility idol at this point.  New people all the time all over the place.  He doesn't care.  He never has. 

Either way, I bought a six pack of hard cider.  I'll either celebrate later or cry into it.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Here's to hoping you don't end up crying!!!!

  2. Hoping you enjoy your hard cider while he has another run around the yard with the dogs! :) fingers crossed! Laurie

  3. I so hope this is a true change! I am happy for you for the good days you have had!

    My guy gets more and more tired as the week progresses - I think it is just the cummulative effect of all the demands each day. :-)

  4. I am glad to hear he is doing better - let us know how Wednesday went.

  5. Drinking Cider in solidarity with you...