Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Autism Registry

Every life-changing event seems to be a good reason to throw a party and register for gifts. Engagement parties. Bridal showers. Baby showers. But do you know what's missing? The autism shower. 

 There is so much you need with autism when it comes to live with you at your house. It changes your life forever and like any major lifestyle change your going to need some stuff. Lots of stuff. Let's face it you didn't sign up for this but you might as well get some things you can use.

1)A crockpot slow cooker. Personally I think every new mom to be should be given one of these once they have a baby. If by some chance you don't have one, go get one or give it to a new autism mom as a gift. There will be lots of times you will be in waiting rooms for therapy and doctors appointments. Might as well have dinner going while you're busy trying to keep your kid entertained with a three-year-old magazine and a  half dried up pen from your purse.

2) A tablet. Be at an iPad or any other brand trust me it is the best sanity saver your money can buy. Likewise have someone else get you a couple of different cases to keep it safe. Because with autism there is no perfect case that will keep the iPad safe. I think I'm on case number six at this point with my kiddo. Don't bother leaving in the comments which case I should try next. I have literally tried them all. Military grade does not equal autism grade. 

3) Melatonin.  Do you like sleep? Would you ever like to do it again? Be a pal and get some for these parents. 

4) A really good coffee maker and a back up coffee maker and coffee and did I mention the coffee? A case of Red Bull or Diet Coke also work. 

5) Batteries of various size. Because you never ever  want to be without working batteries for the toy that your child suddenly takes an interest in. Likewise, extra tablet or phone chargers. I swear those things grow feet and walk around my house. 

6) Portable charging ports. Or you'll be like me during hurricane Sandy charging my portable DVD out my car in the middle of 75 mph wind. 

7) Oh you want to give them a copy of your kids favorite movie? Yeah, just give them five copies of your kids favorite movie because they're going to destroy all those copies. Save them the fun of driving like a maniac to five different stores in order to replace it. 

8) Noise canceling headphones. Autism is loud and it comes in surround sound. Believe!  

9) Gift certificates for babysitting. Everyone wants to watch the baby when all you do is hold the baby and watch it sleep.  Do you notice those offers a babysitting seem to disappear when your kid becomes mobile?

10) Wine and or beer with Netflix and a DVR. Trust me. Mental vacations on the couch are key. 

So where's my party friends of mine?  Get to it. Put out a nice spread. Don't forget the fries!


  1. I totally need an autism shower. I would put all the obscure things my son is into (that they don't market anymore) on my registry. I have to get all his favorite things on Amazon or eBay!
    All our movies are on our AppleTV. He can just point to the movie on the screen that he wants, and there is no wait time with previews. His impatience shines when we're at someone else's house and we put in a DVD!

  2. Wipes. A case of baby wipes. And a never-ending Starbucks gift card.

  3. Awesome. And so true, every single one. ;-)

  4. I am autistic and think this list is funny (Is it intended to be? I apologize if it wasn't). I would add graphic design software to the list to make your own social stories.

    1. I found it both true and funny :) I'm pretty sure that was the intent. And I agree with your addition! 😊

  5. I want to time travel eleven years and have this thrown for me. Most of the stuff on there I didn't even know I'd need, would have saved a lot of time. Loved this!