Wednesday, January 6, 2016


"Come on Kiddo. Out you go. I'm getting dressed.  I don't need an audience. The judgy lady on the cover of this new pair of Spanx is enough." and I usher him out my room and close the door.  When will this Kiddo learn this personal boundary?  He's 11.  He really doesn't need any more issues. I think seeing his mother wrestling into her over the shoulder boulder holder would scar him for life.

But then again, this is the Kiddo who walked into my living room full of company on a Thanksgiving naked because it was according to his schedule "Shower time".   While a toddler running around with their cute little baby butts is adorable, tween boys with big man feet and hair, not so much.  So we really have to figure this out.  Like now!

So in my head I'm already writing the social story that might work for teaching privacy and respecting one's personal space and what's appropriate and not and yadda, yadda, yadda.  Damn, I write these things so much I'm dreaming in social stories.

It needs to be done though cause eventually he will not live with me.  Although I hate even thinking about it, the reality is there.  Someday he will find a placement in a supported living environment.  I mean, I have my solid and totally reasonable plan of living forever and never dying but it's good to have a back up, right?

Plus, we really cannot be doing the whole walking into a room of people with no clothes on thing here either.
But it's not as easy to explain really why I don't need entourage getting dressed as I am still having to help him get dressed most mornings.  How do I explain "You do it alone." when he still can't.  Although some parts have improved.  He clearly proved his complete independence with stripping off everything when he announced "Shower time" to a crowd.  Left to his own, clothes still go on backwards, in the wrong order or just picks out shorts in the winter or sweaters in the summer.

Some things I leave be.  Like when he wears a t shirt over a long sleeved shirt.  He's got an awesome t shirt collection. He does enjoy showing them off to folks.  But when I see that his underwear is on backwards, yeah, I'm going in to fix that.  Cause sensory wise, how freaking uncomfortable that would be for him.  I'm sure, no, I know that leaving that could possibly set a bad emotional mood for the day.  I mean, wouldn't you be kind of ornery if you were walking around with a wedgie all over the place?  I feel this means making some picture schedules too.  Boy I'm gonna busy.

Off to the laminator! ;-)

Should I be concerned Kiddo makes fashion choices based on "What would Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High wear?" Questionable patenting or parenting win? 


  1. Parenting win! Anytime they make a choice it's a win! (Taking N shoe shoping is one of the MAJOR pains of my life.)

  2. looked amazing really alos i like that colors

  3. I'm 26. I just learned what an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder is.