Monday, March 11, 2013

IEP recap!


Actually, in all fairness, this was probably one of those most successful IEP's we have had for the kiddo like EVER!  Either we got lucky or we're just getting better at them.  :-)  I suspect me screaming at the last one probably helped for this one.  So does that mean I'm setting ourselves up for next year to suck?  Aw crap I hadn't thought of that till now.  Nah I can't think like that.  I got to keep my head in the game.  

So a basic recap. For the first time in five years the OT was present!  Not only was this new gal there. She was there ON HER DAY OFF!  Big props.  I appreciated that.  Although I had worn flats and was ready to take off my earrings at a moments notice to rumble.   Didn't need to!  How awesome! She has started typing with him.  She gave me the links and passwords to the online program so we can do it at home too.  Then she said something that almost made me kiss her on the mouth.  "Typing,computers, it's where this world is going anyway.  Let's build on it."  Hot Damn woman!  You get it!  That turns me on! 

Four years after we fought to have a behavior plan put in, we were finally able to take it out due to the best reason. He isn't having the behaviors anymore!  Strangely enough, the whiny meltdowns still happen in this house. So work in progress here but at least in public, he's doing okay.  Got to take one with the other.  (and before you start leaving comments asking if we are doing the same things here as they do in school for them, YES!)  I know some of you just get it.   They are perfect in school and just melt the HELL down once they come home.   I guess he feels more at ease with flipping his lid here?  I'm not sure but seeing as we all kind of put on a public face of politeness, really, what's the difference?  Whatever, it's gotten better.  It will hopefully continue to do so. 

The one sort of bad news is next year he's gonna get a new teacher.  Now he's had this one for two years now and in these past two years he has made huge progress.  We're talking a kid who used to come up with a daily excuse of why he couldn't go to school to one who gets bummed when it's a week long break.  She just gets my kid.   Hey maybe the upside is once he is no longer under her care I can take that gal out for a much deserved round of drinks.  Lord knows she's earned it.   I guess I got to suck it up buttercup but I'd be lying if I said I didn't need a good social story to accept the change.   I am floored by this woman who could see in my kiddo all the awesome I see everyday in him.  There are no words to express how that makes me feel. 

I did get one little dig into them.  Couldn't let them get off Scott free could I?  With the handwriting thing, the goal has been to get him to do print his name.   I pointed out to them "Hey, if he's only going to learn one thing with handwriting, shouldn't it be signing his name in cursive script? And it wouldn't it be easier for him.  Seeing as it's one flowing movement and half his handwriting problem is taking a pencil off and on the page?"  The look on their faces was kind of priceless. Gobsmacked!  Nobody thought of this till then?  Other almost 9 years old are learning this skill.  Why shouldn't he?

 He started cursive today.  Guess who's kicking ass in it?  :-) Which is good because Mama's handwriting is terrible.  Perhaps he can give me a few tips.


  1. Glad it went well! I'm a SLP and I know how stressful these meetings can be for family/educators. Good for you for sticking to goals you knew would work for him. Sounds like your child is lucky to have such wonderful parents!

  2. So glad everything went well IEP's can be brutal!! We started a new school, new teacher this year, transitioned to high school. I still talk to his old teacher because she "GOT IT" , but I have to admit the new teacher is good too and just here recently Josh started saying he liked her, BIG DEAL,if he doesn't like you , well life as you knew it is over !lol When he transistioned out of elementary we were in the middle of moving, and we went in and said Goodbye and I cryed like a fool, everyone was hugging us, the nurse was crying they gave Josh going away gifts.Guess I'm sturdier now. Anyway we were told not to worry about his handwriting skills too because by the time he graduated and got a job everything would be computerized. WTF ??? Does he not need to sign anything ? Does he not need to be able to communicate ?? The very next day they had a project for gym where they had to write a story about their favorite sport,I went in I handed it to the teacher that wouldn't teach him to write and said "Here, you'll be typing this for him I assume ?" and walked back out. lol I know most truely want to help and do the right thing, but every once in a while there is someone who has been doing it too long or never cared to begin with. :)

  3. It's nice to know that I am not the only mom who has raised my voice in an IEP meeting. Congratulations on your success with this one. I also insisted that my son learn how to sign his name in cursive...everyone should be able to have a signature. son's do anything for treat is M&M's.

  4. Congrats to you! Sounds fabulous! Awesome that your OT came in on her day off. And that he's writing in cursive - totally awesome!

  5. I just want to encourage you. Yesterday, our beautiful Bonnie Joy received the highest honors in her class because of maintaining a 4.0 in her public high school, where she is mainstreamed. She was also one of the 5 picks for prom queen. It is her senior year and I know I will cry my eyes out when she graduates at the end of May. She couldn't talk at 4. We had to do speech and OT and adaptive P.E. and behavioral training--and there were times I thought I would lose my mind. Our whole world was turned upside down, not to mention how much more crazy it got when her little sister was diagnosed. But wow--how amazing to see her now, and even our little 11-year-old. I am so grateful to God. It's an amazing journey!!!

  6. From a teachers perspective parents often come in demanding objectives that are years above their child's developmental level and refusing to work with their own child at home. They never come into school to observe their child's day just come to meetings with an attitude that is demanding and dismissive. Some parents cannot accept their child the way they are! It is easy to blame others. Not even the best teacher can change your child's DNA.