Sunday, March 31, 2013

Still here

I missed a week!  I've been trying to give myself a break about that.   French Fry Inc. has been a hospital ward as of late.  So I should cut myself some slack but I know it's gonna make me feel better to write some stuff down after the past two weeks I have had.

Kiddo got sick, very sick.  Followed by my husband and then me.  All three of us in so much pain and fever.  If that wasn't enough drama, kiddo got better and the two adults in charge of him were both still sick we could barely see straight.   Not good.   Then we got slowly better but then my husband thought "Hey!  You know what would be a hoot?  Getting bilateral pneumonia!"  So he did that too and No honey, not so much a hoot for you or anyone else in here.  My hands are now raw from constant washing and I'm keeping the good people at Lysol in business.  All right already universe!  We have done the plagues times ten here.   Ease up would ya? 

Oh is everyone finally feeling a little bit better?   BOOM!  Easter break from school!  Good, cause you know those four days the kiddo was back for, that really wore him out.   Cut to the scene in two weeks time when they tell me "He seems a bit off of his routine"  Gee ya think?  D'uh.  :-)  Strangely enough his teacher wasn't open to the idea of having him stay at her house for the week.  I don't know why.  I would of sent him with food money. Geez. 

Here I am on Easter Sunday doing laundry I ignored for two weeks.  (we were reaching scary levels of no clean clothes.)  A week of no school ahead of me and a bunch of chores that went out the window during our virus whirlwind.  You know all those dinky little things you do every day in your home to make it run?  Well when you don't even do those, holy crap balls! My house is at that point I contemplate just lighting a match and walking away.  Let's see if I can get the kiddo to think cleaning out the bathroom sink is fun.  Lord knows he gives me enough work around that toilet with his lack of aim.  Here's a rag.  Go to work.  Oh is this boring to you?  Don't worry.  Back to school for you in a week and then I will keep all these chores to myself again. 

Till then I will take it each day.  Just get me to bedtime will be my mantra.

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