Saturday, August 24, 2013

Is she really going out with him?

The husband has had this week off from work.  He's done his very best to play court jester and keep the lad entertained at all times.  Honestly it's like the boy is shooting bullets at his feet and yelling "Dance for me!  Dance!"  Daddy Fry really works his ass off harder on a week off from work then when he's at work.  In fact, come Monday, he's going to be leaving this house with a giant relaxed smile on his face knowing he can finally slow down his pace at the office.  I wouldn't even be surprised if on Sunday he goes into the office on the guise of "catching up".  That's okay by me.  I have a date!

Like most gobs of time off or weekends, the kiddo is very concerned about his schedule.  It's not a case of just wanting to know what's coming next.  He NEEDS to know in order to just maintain any sort of level of calm.  I find on weeks when Daddy is off too, the constant worry about the next activity came become even worse.  Daddy being home is just not the norm to him.  No matter what. So we plan out the day from the moment we wake up to the moment he's going to bed.  Sometimes I resent having to do that. I'm not going to lie.  I miss those child free days of my 20's where I was actually kind of bored on a weekend.  Or the ones where I could just chill out with a good book and take several hours at a mall if I felt the need.  (Back when I had extra cash to spend on something really important like the perfect shade of lip stick)  Other times, I see how content and happy it makes him knowing what's coming.  The day feels more organized and things get done that need to be done.  Because the kiddo ain't gonna let ya forget it. 

This morning he kept pacing around the living room worried about August 25th.  I have to admit, I sighed a little when I heard him start repeating the date.  I knew what he meant.  He wanted to play for tomorrow but Geez, it wasn't even lunch time yet.  Plus, I couldn't think of one solid thing that had to be done that he could focus on.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and just thought "How can I talk him down from this?"  I saw the pacing getting faster back and forth.  I knew I had to try and come up with something. 

Me: "What about August 25th kiddo?"

Him: "It's a Sunday!" 

Me: "Yes it is.  August 25th is a Sunday.  What would you like to do that day?"  (yeah I'm sick of coming up with ideas.  Let me throw this planning onto him.  What's the worst he could come up with?  Flight to Paris?  Great! I always wanted to go)

Him: "Planes.  Go see Planes"  (At this point I think he's referring to one of the several places we saw actual planes this week.  It's was a museum madness week.)

Me:" Yep Planes.  You like them.  You want to go see some again?"  (not an impossible task.  We do live by a local small airport.)

Him: "No no no no no.  Go SEE Planes!  Get TWO Tickets and a Popcorn! With Kiddo!"

Did my kid just ask me out to the movies?  He totally did didn't he?  My mouth hit the floor.  Usually this back and forth pacing is just me randomly guessing by tossing out nouns until I get the right one of things he decides to do.  He just planned an event.  He just figure out a way to tell me what he it was he wanted to do.   He got inspired by all those freaking planes we saw all week even though I wondered "Is he even enjoying this?" at times.  He is carrying over the theme!

And even though we have already seen this movie, I turned to him and said "Yes. You wanna take me on a date?  You got it."

And he said "Yes! Sunday Mommy and Kiddo go see a Movie. No Daddy.  Just two tickets and popcorn."

So tomorrow, I will sit through Planes again, gladly.  I'm going to have to bring my wallet though.  My date will probably forget to bring his. :-)  


  1. okay, thanks for making me tear up. Seriously tear up. Congrats...this is awesome.

  2. Awww! So sweet! And way to go Kiddo for expressing yourself so clearly! Time to hug mine for awhile. We're waiting for Planes to be in the sensory-friendly theatre to go. Mine has it clearly marked on the calendar in his head. :)

  3. What an awesome accomplishment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a fantastic time on your date :D

  4. Love this! How awesome. Have a great time on your date! :)

  5. These are the huge moments that we get to appreciate more than any "normie" parent could imagine. Suck it, normies! This made me ferklempt.


    PS: Nice work, Dad!

  6. This is epic!! Monumental!! All kinds of awesome!! And now, wear are the tissues - eye liner is running and I look like a raccoon.