Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bowling balls are heavy.

Things we learned this weekend.   Sports injuries can occur in bowling.

Things the kiddo learned this weekend.  When mom and dad keep telling you to use the kid size balls only, LISTEN.

Yep folks a nice adult weight bowling ball landed smack on the kiddo's foot last night while at his weekly game.  And like most kid's on the spectrum, it didn't really slow him down.   Well not for long. Because DAMMIT, he had a game to finish. Sigh...

And while he can choose at times to be most specific on his needs and desires, telling us does your foot/toe really hurt at all?  Not so much a priority when it was very necessary of him to go running into the bowling alley bar twice.  (proof he is so our kid).  Maybe he thought a shot of whiskey would help ease the pain.  But he has no ID and never brings his wallet so that didn't work.

We played it by ear at home.  He went to bed but this morning the toe was swollen and the nail black.  I know!!! Mega Ewwwwwwww!   This is the shit you just can't ever be truly prepared for when you are expecting.  Like you have a rational understanding of baby spit up and poop.  But did any of you really think one day you precious baby would have great stinky sweaty boy feet with a black toe nail about to fall off?  Nope you didn't.   Go get some wine.  I'll wait.

Take a sip.  You feel better now don't you.  For I have warned you.

More things I learned.  Hospital ER Gurneys are awesome.  Beds on wheels!   That's like a spectrum kid's dream.  That's when he finally cried.  When we had to leave his wheel bed.  

I wonder if I bought him one would he actually stay in his own room all night?  Hmmmmm

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