Monday, September 3, 2012

Wiping the slate clean

My kiddo is a crafty evil genius. Just when I am ready to rip my hair out of my head over something he is doing, he pulls out the big guns. Do you want to know what he does?  Of course you do!

He is a master hugger/snuggler.  The sneaky sonofabitch!

The idea of kids with autism are not affectionate could not be further from the truth with my boy.   He is a love bug.  A hugging machine who can wipe any memory of why I was annoyed at a behavior of his by climbing on the couch at the end of the day next to me and snuggling in.  He's a Svengali with my heart.    Before I know it, I am a puddle of "Awwww" and have forgotten about the 15 times out I gave him that day.

Also, he is like ridiculously good looking.  Seriously.  It's almost unfair to other kids he shares a class picture with.

Plus his other super power?  Acting cute. That bastard!

He'll go sweetly pet the dog while singing a made up song, like "Dogs Are Great". Oh you are not familiar with the lyrics?  They are as followed:

Dogs are great!
Dogs are fun!
Dogs are furry!
I love dogs!

Catchy right?

By the show stopping conclusion of "Dogs are Great" I forgive him for dumping out the entire container of hand soap for kicks.  Or having tried to see if he could in fact pop out the dogs eyes. (the dog and the kiddo have a very codependent relationship).

 And I think for about 30 seconds that life is perfect.


  1. Children are so wonderfully evil. No wonder they rule our worlds.

  2. Kind of reminds me of Puss N' Boots and those incredible kitty cat eyes! My son always gives me an "I am sorry Mommy": just add the eyes. Great post :)

  3. Ok, minus the singing part, because my son is non verbal, I could have written the same thing about Evan! Sometimes I really hate it when he gets all cute and I'm trying like hell to be pissed off at him for flooding the bathroom or headbutting a hole in the wall. This was all too familiar. Funny, it's easier to laugh about it being someone else. Now you can laugh at me....LOL :D

    1. Yeah it's never as funny until you hear another kid is doing it. LOL

  4. Ah yes,the evil child that knows exactly how to win you over. My son is the exact same. He will just suddenly launch himself at me for a hug,and when I say launch,I mean literally. He get's airborne,I have to catch him. Not that easy when his head reaches the top of my shoulders! Lol! Anyway,he will just cuddle me out of nowhere,then every single time he has done anything insanity inducing disappears from my mind. He has just found out the wonders of e-mail,so will write to family members every now and again. (We control whose e-mail addresses he gets) I got an e-mail from him the other week saying simply; "I love you my wonderful Mummy" . As you can imagine,I melted! Lol.

  5. The notion that kids with autism are unaffectionate comes from back in the 40s/50s when the diagnosis was first conceived. "A profound lack of affection" was one of the main characteristics defining what it meant to have autism. My son is the cuddliest kid ever. Clearly he doesn't have what 1 in 10,000 kids had back then. What he has is called 'autism' but its something different. That's probably the same for most kids that are labelled as 'autistic' these days. I wish my son could talk, but he makes up for it with cuteness and cuddles...........

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