Monday, September 10, 2012

I don't remember sending in my resume.

Who here has heard this?

"You're so strong.  That's why God gave him/her to you."

I get this coupled with "and with your background.  You're just so good with him". (worked with the autism population in a school for 7 years. Plus another 2 years in a group home.)

I suppose on paper I look qualified for the job.  I don't remember applying for it.  I don't think anyone in their right mind would.

"But you worked with these kids???"

Yes and then they went home and so did I.  Two separate homes.  And I got nights and weekends off plus paid vacations.

This does not make me the perfect parent.  No parent is.  I'm no saint.  I cuss to much.  I have zippo patience and have been known to say horrible things.

I am no autism angel. I have crap days too. (shit! I cursed again. Dammit! ugh!)

Strong enough? Pffft! Funny enough?  Yeah, I'll give ya that one.

And not just funny looking.  ;-)


  1. Lol, funny...I worked with the Autism population too for about one year prior to having my youngest with Autism. I had no clue. Still have no clue. Then after both my children were old enough, I decided to try and work in the schools again. Bad idea. Now I am a SAHM. I really have to try hard at this parenting thing. I just learn by doing. People think I am this saint with all the patience. Oh yea, my husband did the group home thing. You'd would think we know so much combined. Not. What they don't know. :)

  2. It is completely different when the child in question is yours! I don't think I could go back to that job.

  3. What gets me is..... what's the alternative?? Be weak?! lol and I MEAM Laugh. Out. Loud. because a good parent will always make it work. Last I checked I didn't see a "return here if your child is more than you were willing to commit" posted fact the idea is ludicris and bordering on child abuse so why would people throw it around like it WASN'T insulting?? Plus the whole "LOVE" thing is sort of cemented at birth so I just have to laugh at those people...that's why God gave me patience ;D

    1. Yeah I couldn't find my receipt so I was stuck with him. I mean really what else can one say? LOL.

  4. I'm a doctor, so people think this is a qualifier. To have 3 kids on spectrum. I've realized in the new DSM V I have one of each level. The one thing I learned in med school is to by a book every time I feel uncertain. I have an awesome autism library!

    1. It's said to mean well but it really means squat. Ask me what I love about my kid. I'll list a thousand things like any other mom. I'm really no different.

    2. I love this. When in doubt buy a book! With each new diagnosis I have scoured amazon and resources and bought the books. Heck, with the real life experience and studying and research this stay at home mom should have some sort of degree to show for it! Seriously! So far, Down syndrome, epilepsy, and now legally blind.(not to mention the books purchased during the adoption process on bonding and attachment.) while at the council for independant living office in Jan she mentioned Autism and I just can't bear to add it to the list. I don't have any more bookshelves.