Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Common sense is a super power isn't it?

Here I am a week later and I am still the Gypsy Mama Fry on the road.  No power still thanks to Hurricane Sandy.   Another nor'easter on the way today, that I guess will knock out the power I don't have anyway?  And cancel the school that's already been canceled.  I'm so confused.  (more so that usual) 

Anyway, camping out at Chez Grandparents.  They were lucky enough to have power! Very kind and or crazy enough to invite all of us, dog included to stay.  Having had enough of living Little House on the Prairie in the burbs, we took it.  They have now gotten to witness the 24/7 of what goes into Autism LIVE!  I'm thinking it's a blessing my dad wears hearing aids and therefor adjusts them accordingly. 

So I started Day 10 of no power by calling the electric company again.  They think putting me on hold with 70's easy listening music is gonna make me just crumble and hang up?  HA!  Clearly they are not familiar with an autism mom's work of constant phone calls to doctors, school, therapists, teachers, insurance etc.  Bring it on biotch!  I got no problem singing along to Chicago's "If you leave me now" until my call is picked up. 

Today's representative was pretty decent and seemed to put on a good act of being concerned with my family living with relatives and needing to get our lives back.   Yes, I did pull the Autism Card and stress the importance of how utterly hard this up in the air was for him.   How he's missed two weeks of school and will most likely regress in some way.  Her suggestion?  "Can you stay at a shelter?"  Really?  Oh yes a large county building filled with strangers and chaos, yes, that would be ever so calming to him.   Just when I think that surely all this "Autism Awareness" is doing something, someone has got to prove that they are out of the loop.   While I will always be the first to say I don't expect everyone to know anything about autism if they don't have to like we parents do, here's the thing.  Use common sense.  It can get you very far.  Does that really sound like a good idea for a typical kid?  Yeah guess what?  Not so much for my kid either.  


  1. I saw this on another blog. AutismCares is actively seeking families affected by autism who are victims of Hurricane Sandy and invites those families to call the Autism Response Team at 1-888-Autism2 (288-4762), En Español at 888-772-9050, or email to receive assistance. Families may also register directly at Please pass the info on to anyone who might need help.

  2. You still have no power???? That's crazy. I hope it comes back soon!