Friday, November 2, 2012

Rock You Like A Hurricane!

Not just a fun cheesy 80's tune!  Dudes, this week at French Fry Inc., we lived it.

So if you follow me on Facebook, (You don't? Well go do that now!  I'm a funny gal) you know we are from the Jersey shore and are currently living it La Vida Amish with no power, limited water, no heat and to strike fear in all your hearts, NO COFFEE!!!  We are incredibly lucky.  No damage to our home.  So many lost theirs.  If I have to pay my karma by using gobs of dry shampoo this week, I'll take it.

Of course in an autism house, well a power outage is a little bit different.  No wifi?  No YouTube to watch Japanese toy commercials? Holy crap we are in trouble!  If I ever met the person that only created the portable DVD player and the car charger with it, I would probably fall to my knees ala Wayne's World style telling them I wasn't worthy to be in their presence.  Seriously that dude, I love you man!  Yes, I was that person charging stuff in my car during gale force winds.  When you are an autism mom, a hurricane doesn't scare ya as much as a kiddo off his routine.

And he is so off his routine.  No school all week. He understands its "Hurricane Week" and "no power". I wonder if he now thinks this time off will be an annual event.  Every therapy and fun thing canceled.  Not sure if next week we'll even get back to "normal". Well whatever that means right?

I write this now from a conference room at my husband's office, which luckily had power restored.  He sits and watches another DVD.  I rest up because I expect another epic meltdown bedtime as it has not been good at night.  I wonder when we finally go back to the usual, what of his will be lost?   I have seen regression for every illness.  Why would this be any different? Will we lose those new foods he's been eating?  Or his development in starting to seek out other kids?  Will his new found love of Math be gone?  Which would suck cause I was really hoping he would explain algebra to me one day.

Last night we found a lone McDonald's open and ran in for dinner.  One thing didn't change.  All orders of fries are still his fries. :-)


  1. I have been thinking and praying for everyone touched by Sandy but especially the autism and special needs family. This spring we went through a 14 hour power outage and I cannot imagine it lasting any longer. It was so rough for the kids. I hope things return to your norm very soon!

  2. Oh mama....may peace, normalcy and POWER be returned to you and yours shortly. Upheaval, changes in schedule and stress are hard. You're handling it with grace and humor. Thinking of you and yours.

  3. Oh man, the thought alone is enough to give me a panic attack. As it's almost 2am and my autistic Little Man is up and ready to party. Add no power to the already weird parts of autism, and holy cow. Lots of prayers for you and the rest of the fam. Hope power gets restored soon!!

  4. Yikes! Do you have power back yet?

  5. Ohmigosh, I love that line "When you are an autism mom, a hurricane doesn't scare ya as much as a kiddo off his routine." I soooo get that! Hope things are getting back to normal. I'll be praying for the power to stay on through this next one-- for the kiddos on the spectrum & all the ones who deal with the interrupted-routine consequences :)

    All best wishes,

  6. LOL! More than once during a storm, I have been in the car charging Ipad. I didnot even think about that being crazy until I read this blog. I even made sure the portable gas can is full not to drive the car but to recharge the equipment.

    I do follow you on FB and you are a funny lady MommaFry. Happy Back to School day tomorrow!

    Tip: Downloaded Blue's Clues in ITunes and use a Downloader for the fav videos my son likes on YouTube so we can play them without wifi.

    Love from Virginia Beach

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